Why repair versus replace a windshield?
Repairing your windshield actually helps to save the environment.

What can be repaired?
How extensive is the damage? Can it be covered by a dollar bill? If so then we can likely repair it! Most damage is comparable to the size of a nickel, dime, or quarter. Knowing the size will help us to determine what’s repairable.

What will my repair look like? Will it be invisible?
This depends on several factors: how large is the damage? How long has it been there and the amount of contamination in the damage. In most cases the completed repair will look like a small water spot or bug splat, however, it will not be completely invisible. We can usually restore somewhere between 85% and 95% of the optical clarity to the damaged area.

What kind of guarantee is there?
We offer a lifetime guarantee. Once NW Windshield Doctor repairs your damage it will not continue to crack.

Are all repair companies the same?
No! Our experience and continued training separates us from most repair companies.

Will my insurance cover it?
Most insurance companies will waive your deductible and you won’t need to pay a dime. When you call for appointment let us know who your insurance company is and we can determine if they will pay for it.

How soon can you come to repair my windshield?
We are just a phone call away! We can repair your windshield usually the next day.

Where must I go to get this service?
We are mobile and we can come to your residence or place of business. Whatever is more convenient for you!